Contact Info

Name: Judith Sack

Website: www.jmsack.com

Mobile: 818-486-6564

Office: 818-914-0668

Email: jmsack@sbcglobal.net

Business Description

Want to reduce stress?  Want an estate plan for yourself? Want to direct your health care when you are incapacitated?

By creating an estate plan, a person manages their property and accounts during their lifetime.  The estate plan tells the important people in their life what they want to happen if they are no longer able to control what happens, or they are not here to deal with their home, loved ones, children, health care, or business.  At the same time, a Trust, generally the heart of the estate plan, provides some measure of privacy.

Estate plans meet the individual’s, couple’s, or family’s needs.  There are many documents in an estate plan, including a trust, will, assignment of assets, certification of trust, health care directives, and deeds.   As the attorney, I work with my clients to prepare the documents that reflect their wishes, needs and goals.

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