Chris Orta | Co-Founder

Call: (949) 378-5484

First and foremost, I am a front-end developer. The bulk of my jobs are focused around taking an original design from either a graphic designer or marketing department and converting it into useable code for a web application. This can vary from a mobile applications, to a CMS (Content Management System) based site, primarily WordPress or Joomla! I also code static website’s if necessary. This is typical for a one-off landing page or informative page that does not require much updating or changes. All development is mobile first, so they perform and look great across all browsers and screen sizes.

On top of being a front-end developer, I am also a systems integrator. This means that I have the ability and resources to create content that is delivered by other systems. The most basic example would be incorporating data from a service like MLS, Facebook, Twitter, News Feeds, Podcast Services, etc. into a website I develop.

I am also an educator. I take great pride in my ability to communicate effectively with non-technical people, and help them learn how to manage and use the systems I create. I create both written and video documentation. I provide on site and remote training. I also offer a monthly training retainer service for the first few months a system is live to help your web admin learn the system.

My design team and I have worked together for over 7 years. We have the ability to create high-quality designs that translate to functional marketable web solutions. Anything they can do in a design program, I can convert to usable code.

Our mission is to elevate the success of an organization through the use of innovative ideas, creative use of multimedia, creative forward thinking design, functional development and programming processes.